Why Choose Tonstep

1.Strong R&D Capability

A: Process & IT System  B: Over 6% Revenue Invested for R&D C: R&D Team:120+ Deep Cooperate with Universities  

2.Competitive Supply Chain

A: Process , IT System & Capability
  • Process: Integrated Supply Chain Process
  • IT System: Use SAP & SRM system
  • Factory: 16 SMT Line, 32 Assembly Lines, Daily up to 30Kp
B: Cost Control
  • HW Cost Control:13 years of hardware design experience
  • Purchase Cost Control: Long Term Strategic Partnership with Vendors
  • Self-made Parts:  Mold,Plastic Parts and TP Self-Made
  • Manufacture Cost Control:Realize 70% production automation
  • Operation Cost Control:Oracle, Agile, K2, MES
C: Quality Control We build a mature Process & IT system to manage our business, QC  Points Integrated in the Key Process Points. Product Development Process: 4 DCP and 6 TR Points integrated, supported by Oracle Agile system Manufacturing: 7.2%  of the factory workers as QC and QA, supported  by MES